Episode recap Season 1

To Party or Not – Big Birthdays

Daniel turned the big 3-0 and we discuss his birthday celebrations. Of course we don’t just discuss them like normal people – we talk about them as a PM and PMM 🤓

In this episode we analyse a more abstract concept – a big birthday. We share how product management and product marketing can guide you through decision-making processes and help you with birthday messaging.

Daniel applies Teresa Torres’ opportunity solution tree framework to his birthday party planning. He talks us through his decision-making process and how he arrived at the perfect party plan 🎂

Lena uses G2’s Go-To-Market playbook to talk through considerations around how to launch the birthday product 🚀 This includes guest segments, party ideation, messaging, and collateral needed for birthday party invitations.

Our birthday recommendation is to communicate clearly: presents (yes or no?), drinks (byo or provided), dress code (fancy, clearly!). No such such as too much info.

Figuring out what you’re trying to achieve is key. Daniel says that “your first idea is almost certainly not the best one” (thanks Daniel), so keep thinking and move along that opportunity solution tree.

As always, please let us know your thoughts 💡

Links to resources mentioned in epsiode

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