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Tech and Workouts – Beat81

In the latest episode, we talk about Beat81 – a tech exercise (texercise??) company that has made us much fitter over the past year or so.

Beat81 is a Berlin startup reinventing group exercise by combining efficiency, technology and community 💪 They offer 45-minute group exercise classes maximising calorie burn, sweat and tears.

On the PM side, Daniel muses about “the job to be done” – a concept he stole mercilessly from Clayton Christensen. He identifies that Beat81’s job to be done is not just group exercise, but more so to make people look and feel good.

Lena talks through Beat81’s four key differentiators (efficiency, technology, analytics, community) and sneakily adds her own fifth one: the fact that classes are in English. She also touches on buyer personas, including a perhaps surprising observation: the majority of participants are women!

We end the show with recommendations about better targeting core groups (like women and English speakers!), and rethinking positioning (edging more towards community and away from the hardware angle).

As always, please let us know your thoughts 💡

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