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Pyjama King – Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander is an Aussie icon. He has kept us snuggly and comfy for many years and it is past time to thank him and spread the PJ news. All hail the Pyjama King 🙌

Peter went from making PJs in his mum’s kitchen to absolutely nailing the loungewear game – he now has stores all across Australia and a business making more than $250M in annual revenue. In this episode we take a look at how he got there and what makes his pyjamas so special.

Daniel is back with his old tricks, talking about what the underlying product is. And let me tell you, it is so much more than just PJs. We’re talking a feeling, a movement, a status symbol.

Lena borrows April Dunford’s wisdom and muses about who Peter’s actual competitors are. Rather than other high-end loungewear, she concludes that it’s more likely to be an old but comfortable shirt.

Peter’s triple scented vanilla caramel candles play a large role in our conversation. We both have a strong scent association with his products, which is really cool and novel. Do you have any products in your life that bring to mind a certain smell?

Our recommendations revolve around reclaiming the shopping experience and only selling in their own stores – currently Peter also sells in department stores. We’re also wondering whether it’s worth going down the relax route even further: Daniel suggests making stores into comfort centres… Don’t worry, Peter, we can workshop the name some more!

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Links to resources mentioned in epsiode

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And here’s Peter with dogs for you:

Look how nice 😊