Episode recap Season 1

Networked Thoughts – Roam

Roam is a note-taking tool for networked thought. Its USP is that, unlike other note-taking tools, it is not build on a hierarchical folder structure but rather focuses on the relationship between ideas – mimicking how our brains work 🧠

We discuss the Roam founders’ approach to product development and their search for product market fit. We also marvel at its ‘cult’ following and its excellent white paper.

Daniel outs himself as a huge Roam fanboy. He shares why he appreciates the product so much – and it’s not just for the product’s sake but also for the approach the founders have taken to develop it. He talks about finding product market fit and Roam’s path to nailing it 🚀

Lena covers Roam’s target audience, an old shtick she just cannot rid herself off. She talks about Roam’s early adopters – researchers and tech workers – and why they are the perfect target audience. She also talks us through Roam’s white paper, which is definitely worth a read.

Our recommendations for Roam?

  • Stay awesome and don’t lose focus. Deliver on that 30-year plan 💪
  • Keep engaging with your followers. Never lose focus on your amazing community
  • Keep your simple UI for as long as you possibly can. It acts as a fantastic filter for attracting and retaining users who truly care about the core product

And as always, please let us know your thoughts 💡

Links to resources mentioned in episode

Roam Research – website

Roam’s white paper

Product market fit – explained