Episode recap Season 1

Craft Beer and Punks – BrewDog

Lena and Daniel present to you the first ever product-centred episode in the history of Ship It, Shout It 🙌

We talk about BrewDog, the British craft beer company.

Inspired by a recent visit to our local BrewDog bar in Berlin, we explore BrewDog’s offering, their marketing stunts, and their crowd ownership shenanigans.

Daniel kicks us off on the PM side, talking about the product – craft beer – and how maybe that is too narrow a view of what the product actually is.

Lena sheds light into rebel marketing gigs (keyword taxidermied squirrels) and how BrewDog manages to create such a strong in-group feeling with its followers.

We finish off by giving some recommendations around bar set-up, expansion plans and staying true to your original mission.

As always, please let us know your thoughts 💡

Links to resources mentioned in episode

Founders: James Watt & Martin Dickie

Brewdog Prospectus