Episode recap Season 1

Reinvent Remote – Zoom

For may of us, Zoom calls have become a daily occurrence. Whether it is work chats, virtual pub quizzes, or seeing family & friends, Zoom connects us to the rest of the world 💻 🌏

We discuss how Zoom won over the video conferencing market even though it was late to the party. Hint: creating a better product and marketing to early adopters may have played a role.

We also talk innovation: how can Zoom shape the future of remote?

Daniel talks about how ‘frictionless communication’ (Zoom’s mission) is not quite enough. To win users, we need more than frictionless – we need a meeting experience that is as close to an in-person meeting as possible.

Lena covers Zoom’s USPs: great user experience, time-saving integrations, and the fact that only one person has to download the software are top of mind. She also shares Zoom’s early marketing strategy and explains why it was successful 🚀

The episode ends with recommendations about where to go from here. We offer some feature requests, but mostly dream big. How can Zoom reinvent remote work? Time to disrupt your own business model and go full Schumpeter, Zoom!

Our recommendations?

  • Some features need attention: fix that whiteboard! Or even better: rethink that whiteboard and get away from your current skeuomorphic design.
  • Think big. Destroy your current business model and reinvent remote work. The billion dollar question is: how do we get people to prefer remote meetings over in-person? What does that experience look like? We’re excited for you.

And as always, please let us know your thoughts 💡

Links to resources mentioned in episode

NPS explained (video)

Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore

Eric Yuan, Zoom Founder & CEO

Nick Chong, Zoom Head of Global Services, former Head of Product Marketing